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Sebastian County Fair

August 21-28 2021

August 21 - Pageant, & Talent Show

Greenwood, Arkansas


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The Sebastian County Fair Association exists exclusively for the purpose of instructing and educating the residents of Sebastian County in the areas of creative arts and agriculture by conducting, but not limited to, public fairs and exhibits.  The Sebastian County Fair is one of the events sponsored by the Association for this purpose and is recognized by the State of Arkansas as the official county fair for Sebastian County.  This accomplishment cannot be made without the involvement of volunteers and the dedication of Association members whose mission is to influence the youth of Sebastian County in the areas of creative arts and agriculture, therefore creating community development. The Sebastian County Fair Association pledges its support in providing premium money, prizes, and scholarships to the youth for this purpose. These funds shall be raised through state and county contributions, public donations, and facility generated profits.  It is the aim and goal of the Association to return all funds to the mission of the Sebastian County Fair Association.  

All The Fun In One Fair



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The fairgrounds are available for rent throughout the year.  If you have a special event that you are looking to host, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.  Contact:


We have 2 buildings that can be rented to host a reception, dinner, show or what ever event you have in mind.  

The grounds themselves are also available!